Working Positively to Pursue a Dream: The Making of Turtle Sprint

For the past year, I’ve been hard at work (with my husband, Nick) to build an independent game studio, NDXP Games. We recently completed our first game for the iPad, called Turtle Sprint. During this process of creating and building a game—not to mention a business—I’ve learned how to shift my mentality to help me balance work and life. While work is a part of life… and shouldn’t need to be split apart into a category all its own, the ability to continue to learn positivity, time management, and increased productivity are necessary for life happiness.

Please feel free to check out my reflections and tips & tricks during the making of Turtle Sprint!

Working Positively to Pursue a Dream: The Making of Turtle Sprint

Turtle Sprint will be available for download on Wednesday, August 12 on the Apple App Store (iPad only).


Turtle Sprint: You can save turtles in a game AND real life!

Help baby sea turtles as they hatch and make their way to the ocean. Beware the hungry predators waiting for a tasty turtle snack! Speed and navigation are key factors to success as these defenseless hatchlings rely on you for their survival. In this game, we feature “Turtle Tidbits,” a slideshow that showcases fun facts about the world’s seven species of sea turtles.

A portion of Turtle Sprint’s proceeds are being donated to sea turtle  and ocean conservation efforts.

Thank you for the privilege of sharing this with you! Please help me continue to spread the word and share this with friends & family if you feel so inclined. 🙂

How to Design a Survey for User Feedback

Originally published to Gamasutra.


As indie developers we continually strive to gain insights that can be used to improve our games. Observing people playing a game is the best way to gauge what players are feeling, their behaviors and attitudes, and if game mechanics are having the desired effect. On the other hand, when I’m spending half an hour or more to observe a person, these observational studies are time consuming and dependent on my location. Over the course of one eight-hour day divided into 30 minute observational study sessions, I could gather 16 responses from players. I’m not able to gather feedback from 1) a large number of players and 2) players in different locations. So how does one go about receiving constructive and meaningful feedback?
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Under the Sea with NDXP! (video)

Happy Thursday everyone! I hope you had a good day at work and that you’re on your way to slipping into some comfy pjs to relax and keep warm. I’m happy that it’s raining pretty hard in California right now (in response to the drought season).

Anyway, I recently made a short video of my Maui snorkeling adventures last month. Feel free to share if you think someone else’s day might be a little brighter because of the fish schools, coral, and turtle! Enjoy and have a great evening!

Sea turtle conservation status

I love snorkeling. While the amount of snorkeling I’ve done can be counted on both hands, each time has been an incredible experience. Some of my favorite experiences have included swimming alongside sea turtles. So I guess it makes sense that sea turtles are the theme of my first published iPad game (whee!). Continue reading